Wheel of Time TV Trailer: Tam’s Sword & Rafe’s Answers

Did you see the Teaser Trailer for Tam’s Sword? Catch Rafe’s answers to ten questions on Twitter? That’s ok, we will be covering it all LIVE this evening, followed by The Great Wheel of Time Meme-off Show! Join us for a double-live stream night at the Inn!

Answering Wheel of Time Fan Questions

Join my friends Terez and Linda Taglieri as we dig into Robert Jordan’s Notes for our 4th Episode. We have collected fan questions, and tonight we’ll answer as many of them as we can. Plus, you can give us a call, LIVE, if you have any questions! We look forward to seeing you there! Inventory of the James Oliver Rigney, Jr., Papers, 1905-2012

Becoming Rand al’Thor: Josha Stradowski

Can Josha Stradowski embody the character of Rand from the beloved The Wheel of Time series? We’ll take a deep dive into his prior characters and work, and examine what we think his strengths and weaknesses may be, and where he might shine or struggle in this role. Join us with special guests: The Master of the Deck and Memo Art. Give us a call, join us Live, and tell us why you think he will or will not become Rand.

The Wheel of Game Time

Huge Channel Episode Announcements, plus the Wheel of Game Time, Game Night Extravaganza at The Dusty Wheel with Lauren from Unraveling the Pattern, Rob from Weekly Wheel News, Delusions of Graendal, and al’Lan Mandragoran of TwitterOfTime! We’ll reveal ALL the episodes from now until January 10th, and we’ll be giving away stuff, some really cool WoT Swag!

The Dragon Reborn: Pt. 4

Join Mary, Todd, and Natalia, as we continue our Wheel of Time Re-Read Live Adaptation of The Dragon Reborn with Part 4! Come help our panelists determine what to keep and what to cut for The Wheel of Time TV Series on Amazon Prime, as we journey through this pivotal third book. If YOU could make the adaptation decisions with Rafe and his team, what would you do??

Wheel of Time Trailer Theories, Resolved!

LIVE DEEP DIVE INTO WHEEL OF TIME TV SHOW TRAILER THEORIES: IDENTIFYING THE ONE THAT ALMOST GOT IT RIGHT!! Did you hear the audio clip WoTonPrime released? Did you see Rafe’s offer to bring a fan to Prague? Did you see that one fan guessed the answer within ONE WORD? We’ll be breaking it all down, going through 600 fan responses to find the one Golden Ticket to Prague! Join us for a hardcore dive into who was right.

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