Wheel of Time TV Trailer: Audio Clip of Perrin & Egwene, Leaks & News!

SPOILERS FOR THE TV SHOW! Did you hear the audio clip WoTonPrime released today?? Plus, scooped images posted publicly by a photographer of a set, crew, and actors on The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime! So, WoTSeries will be joining us, LIVE, to discuss this, and all of the recent news they’ve scooped about three new actors who are part of the Show. Join us and give us a call!

Debate: Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime Season #1

We are debating The Wheel of Time TV Show Wednesday night with four guest debaters from among Wheel of Time fandom chosen by fans on Twitter! Be there to Vote on the winners of the debate, who will receive some Dusty Wheel swag!

Chat with Isaac Stewart, Brandon Sanderson’s Art Director

Join us for an evening with Isaac Stewart, Art Director for Dragonsteel & Brandon Sanderson! We’ll be discussing his career, work, fandom, and his most recent project, a Kickstarter campaign for his very own children’s book, Monsters Don’t Wear Underpants! We’ll be taking your questions from chat and calls, as Isaac joins us for our very first 1:1 IN THE DUSTY WHEEL STUDIO!

The Dragon Reborn: Pt. 3

Join Mary, Todd, and Natalia, as we continue our Wheel of Time Re-Read Live Adaptation of The Dragon Reborn! Come help our panelists determine what to keep and what to cut for The Wheel of Time TV Series on Amazon Prime, as we journey through this pivotal third book. If YOU could make the adaptation decisions with Rafe and his team, what would you do??

All the Changes to The Wheel of Time TV Show So Far!

We are breaking down ALL the KNOWN changes from the book to the adaptation on Amazon Prime that Rafe Judkins is planning to make. You can read them all at The Great Blight article below, and then we’ll be diving deep into if these are smart decisions or not, and why, with my special guest, Daniel Greene!

Becoming Egwene al’Vere: Madeleine Madden

Can Madeleine Madden embody the character of Egwene from the beloved The Wheel of Time series? We’ll take a deep dive into her prior characters and work, and examine what we think her strengths and weaknesses may be, and where she might shine or struggle in this role. Join us with our special guest Leigh Butler from Give us a call, join us Live, and tell us why you think she will or will not become Egwene.

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