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Wheel of Time TV Trailer: Thom’s Guitar + RAFE Q&A: Live Coverage!

The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime released another Teaser Trailer this time focused on Thom, plus we covered Rafe Judkin’s Q&A Live with my guests Nae’blis and Tom from Talk’aran’rhiod, as we met up to discuss the latest news, and wait to see news would be released today. We were LIVE when it happened!

Wheel of Time TV Trailer: Tam’s Sword & Rafe’s Answers

Did you see the Teaser Trailer for Tam’s Sword? Catch Rafe’s answers to ten questions on Twitter? That’s ok, we will be covering it all LIVE this evening, followed by The Great Wheel of Time Meme-off Show! Join us for a double-live stream night at the Inn!

Wheel of Time Trailer Theories, Resolved!

LIVE DEEP DIVE INTO WHEEL OF TIME TV SHOW TRAILER THEORIES: IDENTIFYING THE ONE THAT ALMOST GOT IT RIGHT!! Did you hear the audio clip WoTonPrime released? Did you see Rafe’s offer to bring a fan to Prague? Did you see that one fan guessed the answer within ONE WORD? We’ll be breaking it all down, going through 600 fan responses to find the one Golden Ticket to Prague! Join us for a hardcore dive into who was right.

Wheel of Time TV Trailer: Audio Clip of Perrin & Egwene, Leaks & News!

SPOILERS FOR THE TV SHOW! Did you hear the audio clip WoTonPrime released today?? Plus, WotSeries.com scooped images posted publicly by a photographer of a set, crew, and actors on The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime! So, WoTSeries will be joining us, LIVE, to discuss this, and all of the recent news they’ve scooped about three new actors who are part of the Show. Join us and give us a call!

All the Changes to The Wheel of Time TV Show So Far!

We are breaking down ALL the KNOWN changes from the book to the adaptation on Amazon Prime that Rafe Judkins is planning to make. You can read them all at The Great Blight article below, and then we’ll be diving deep into if these are smart decisions or not, and why, with my special guest, Daniel Greene!

Wheel of Time TV Show News

Did you miss the Table Read in January? New Casting Announcements? Wheel of Time Merch? Cast and Crew hangout photos? Fandom creations? Set photos? Random Cast outings? Enjoy our quick Wheel of Time on Prime News Recap for January, 2020!

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