Wheel of Time TV Trailer: Thom’s Guitar + RAFE Q&A: Live Coverage!

The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime released another Teaser Trailer this time focused on Thom, plus we covered Rafe Judkin’s Q&A Live with my guests Nae’blis and Tom from Talk’aran’rhiod, as we met up to discuss the latest news, and wait to see news would be released today. We were LIVE when it happened!

The Dragon Reborn: Pt 5 with The Wheel Takes Podcast

Join our special guests, The Wheel Takes Podcast, Gus & Ali, for a special New Readers Live Adaptation of The Dragon Reborn, along with Mary, Todd, and Natalia. Come help our panelists determine what to keep and what to cut for The Wheel of Time TV Series on Amazon Prime, as we journey through this pivotal third book. If YOU could make the adaptation decisions with Rafe and his team, what would you do??

Wheel of Time Innkeepers: A Chat with Jason Denzel of Dragonmount

Don’t miss this Live chat all about The Wheel of Time TV Show and The Wheel of Time with Jason Denzel of Dragonmount and Matt Hatch of Theoryland, two hardcore Wheel of Time fans whose communities became real parts of The Wheel of Time World in Caemlyn.

The Forsaken – The Wheel of Time’s Moghedien, Graendal & Lanfear

Wheel of Time Spoilers! Join my guests, Vance of The Gleeman Channel, Delusions of Graendal, and the Amyrlin of Shannan, as we dig into what makes the female Forsaken tick, specifically focused on Moghedien, Graendal, and Lanfear for this episode, as we work to determine who deserves the Chosen title most. Will we convince you?

Wheel of Time Debate Night: Plot Holes, Best & Worst, and More!

Enjoy our first Wheel of Time Debate, as our teams attempted to convince live viewers that their team won. Watch and find out which team won!

Wheel of Time Meme-off Competition: The Finals!

Did you join The Great Wheel of Time Meme-Off Competition? Join us for the Finals! Be there to Vote on the winner fan create Wheel of Time Meme!

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